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Quick NBA Rules Lesson

NOT against the NBA Rules

Not sure who created that at Clutchfans (I stole it from that stole it from Clutchfans) but nice work.

This is not, repeat, not, against the NBA rules. Face guarding in this manner is legal in every way. The only way to make it illegal is to face guard from behind a player without the ball. Stop saying it's illegal mainstream media and message boarders, please just stop.

Here is the rule straight from the NBA rulebook:

m. Eye guarding (placing a hand in front of the opponent's eyes when guard-ing from the rear) a player who does not have possession of the ball is illegal and an unsportsmanlike technical shall be assessed.

So there you have it, there is no reason to point out "from the rear" if it is also illegal to do it from the front. It is not illegal, end of story.

Rant over

As an add on, here is an example of journalistic integrity, Charley Rosen proving once and for all he doesn't actually read the rule books.

Relentlessly hounded by Battier, Kobe was 11-for-33 — although it must be noted that Battier face-guarded Bryant on virtually every jumper. The last time I looked at the rule book, face-guarding was illegal.