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The Road to history

After tonight the Rockets will be in some unique company. 16 straight wins would tie them for the 6th longest streak in NBA history with:

16 in a row
64-65 Boston Celtics - Won the Championship
70-71 Milwaukee Bucks -Won the Championship
90-91 LA Lakers - Western Conference Finals Loss to the next team
90-91 Portland Trail Blazers - Lost in the Championship
99-2000 LA Lakers - Won the Championship

Beating Dallas who I'm hoping will be without the services of one German named Dirk Nowitzki would get us to 17 in a row. Looking at the list, you don't want to end your streak at 17. It would tie us with:

17 in a row
46-47 Washington Capitols - Lost in Semifinals.
59-60 Boston Celtics - Won the Championship - Don't F with a long winning streak Boston Team
95-96 San Antonio Spurs - Lost to the Jazz in the Semi-Finals
06-07 Phoenix Suns - Got hosed by the Spurs and one Mr. Big Shot Rob
06-07 Dallas Mavericks - Lost to Golden State in Round 1, HAHA

Here's where the sweet spot is, 18 games in a row guarantees you a good run. We'd need to beat Dallas on the road AND then New Orleans at home, tall task indeed.

18 in a row
69-70 NY Knicks - Willis Reed and Walt Frazier didn't F around, Won the Championship
81-82 Boston Celtics - Won 63 games but lost in the East Finals to Philly and Dr. J
95-96 Chicago Bulls - Greatest season in NBA history, Won the Championship, also had a 13 game streak that season

Added to our Dallas and New Orleans needed wins, the Rockets would need to then beat the New Jersey Nets at home, a much easier task than the first two.

19 in a row
99-2000 LA Lakers - Won the Championship 67-15 on the season

At Atlanta would bring the next needed victory to get to 20 in a row, we would destroy them if it came to this.

20 in a row
70-71 Milwaukee Bucks - Won the Championship with Kareem and the Big O, that's just unfair

I find it odd that streaks went up to 20 and then the Lakers blew it away going to 33. Even I'm not drunk enough on the Kool-Aid to say this is going to happen, but... you never know... I mean, there are enough games left in the season to get to 38...

33 in a row
71-72 LA Lakers - Won the Championship, and did I say the Bucks were unfair? This team had Gail Goodrich, The Logo, Wilt the Stilt, Pat Riley and Elgin Baylor