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Rockets and Celtics - a pro/con list!

The Boston Celtics come to town tonight. Lee tells me the game is on TNT at 8:30pm because it's a marquee game. So I have to wait an extra hour for my entertainment now? That's a bunch of crap! Anyway...

I've constructed a pro/con list to truly gauge tonight's matchup and the viability of a potential 23 game winning streak:
Pro: The Rockets are really good.
Con: The Celtics' record (53-13) suggests they might actually be better.

Pro: The Rockets are at home tonight.
Con: Boston is 24-8 on the road, including last night's victory over the Robert Horrys.

Pro: St. Patty's Day was yesterday... no distractions!
Con: St. Patty's Day is over. :-(

Pro: Ray Allen unlikely to play tonight!
Con: Yao is not walking through that door.......

Pro: But Carl Landry just might!
Con: Boston still has that KG guy.

Pro: The Rockets still have T-Mac.
Con: The Celtics also have Paul Pierce. And Sam I Am.

Pro: The Celtics played last night... it's a back-to-back for them!
Con: It's not like KG is prone to getting tired.

Pro: The Rockets are on a 22-freakin'-game winning streak!
Con: Yeah, there's no "con" for that - we're awesome.

Pro: Rafer Alston is coming off a career high 31 point effort on National TV!!!
Con: Rafer might actually think he's good now. Uh oh.

Pro: T-Mac is unlikely to have a 4-16 game again tonight.
Con: Rafer probably will...

Pro: The Rockets are the #1 team in the Western Conference.
Con: The Celtics are the #1 team in the Eastern Conference.

Pro: The Eastern Conference sucks.
Con: Boston is 21-4 against the West.

Pro: Shane Battier is the Defensive Player of the Year.
Con: Shane can't guard KG *and* Paul Pierce. Or can he?

Pro: We have Luis Landry.
Con: Ha ha! There is no "con" here! Suck on that, Boston!

Go Rockets... 23 in a row! What a cool number for a Streak.