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Rockets vs. Kings

I decided that since my focus was really on the NCAA tournament (Hook'em Horns, and yes I'll be there Friday) over the weekend, I will ignore the Suns and their 70% shooting first half from Saturday night. It was a game I figured we'd lose. As Dave said, Golden State/Phoenix road back to backs should be outlawed. Tonight the Rockets take on the Sacramento Kings at 7:30PM CST at the Toyota Center.

Sacramento Kings: 31-38 (10-26 on the road) 4-6 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 47-23 (26-10 at home) 7-3 in their last 10

The last time we saw the Kings was before the All Star break when we won by 20... oh, wait, we didn't win by 20? We only won by 2? And Steve Novak had to hit a game winning shot? Oh well, we should have won by 20 and a win was a win going into the break. The 8th win in a streak that ran to 22 eventually. A streak that is now over. The Rockets have dropped to "5th" place in the West from our once lofty first place spot. I put "5th" in quotes because the dirty Utah Jazz are stealing a spot because they are in the underachieving Northwest division. They are 1.5 games off the 4th spot pace, but in the 4th spot regardless. Even with the 1-3 run the Rockets are only 1 game out of first place.

The Kings will most likely be without Beno Udrih, Brad Miller and most importantly, Ron "Crazy Pills" Artest. Artest has historically lit the Rockets on fire, so I'll take that when I can get it. That guy loves destroying the Rockets for some reason. Maybe he feels like he's an even more underachieving Tracy McGrady, I don't know. Either way, I won't miss him scoring 30 on us.

This game will be win number 2 of our 12-2 stretch to end the season.

Go Rockets!!!

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