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Rockets Win! Get to Face Scorching Suns

The Rockets won last night and get to turn it around and go to Phoenix to play the Suns who have finally put something together in the post-Marion days. Not a lot of insight to the game, except that Golden State should be much better than they are. They have too many good players to be fighting for the last place in the West. With the athletes they have they really need to learn how to play defense and Al Harrington needs to learn how to dunk (he missed 3). Carl Landry was phenomenal and proved last night how much the Rockets have missed him in the 5 previous games. Our defense was not very good, but at times did show up. I fully expect it to be better tonight in Phoenix.

Phoenix Suns: 46-22 (25-10 at home) 7-3 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 47-22 (21-12 on the road) 8-2 in their last 10

The Rockets get to keep up their streak of playing teams without a key player as Raja Bell should be out with an injury. McGrady should be happy to not be guarded by him.

I've said the Rockets would lose this game, but I fully believe a win is obtainable.

Go Rockets!