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The Streak is over at 22

22 games in a row, now the second longest in NBA history. We finally lost a game and it's to the best team in the league, no shame in that. We went away in the second half from what we did so well in the streak. Let's be clear, the Celtics beat us, we didn't give the win to them, they took it, but we sure as heck didn't help. The substitution pattern was awful, and that's only the second time in the last 30 or so games that I've said that. Rafer allowed a second year player to get in his head and played quite possibly his worst game in two years. I'm really begging that he puts this behind him and remembers that this isn't the streets, you don't have to buck up just because some punk challenges you. Tracy was everything he wasn't during the streak, passive, poor shooting, and bad body language. I also hope we don't see that Tracy ever again. Anyway, I'm still a little sad from the loss, but let's revisit the greatness that was the streak and focus on the good:

22 wins
50 days in between losses
Still in 1st place even with the loss

1. Golden State - A game even Dave thought we'd lose, it was game 1 of the ten game streak I predicted and was fantastic, the Rockets found a way to hold the lead late and win it.

2. Indiana - Up until the Celtics game, this was the game where the Rockets were tested the most, it took some late scoring to get the streak going at the beginning

3. Milwaukee - No Micheal Redd for the Bucks and the luckiness of the streak begins

4. Minnesota - Al Jefferson had a monster game, but the Rockets weather the storm for number 4

5. Cleveland - Here is the second big game of the series, the Rockets took Lebron and company to task, blowing them out by 15

6. Atlanta - This is the game that made the Hawks fired up for the 20th win by the Rockets. There was a layup line going and Atlanta wasn't invited. A 19 point victory that wasn't anywhere near that close of a game

7. Portland - Dave and I were able to see this one live and the good guys did not disappoint. Yao had 25 and 7 and thoroughly destroyed the Trailblazers

8. Sacramento - The Rockets tried to blow this one, losing a 20 point lead and having to rely on Steve Novak for a game winner right before the All Star break. They tried to give me a heart attack, but they kept it going

9. Cleveland - On the road, versus Lebron, a lot of people thought they would lose, instead they won by 8 and hushed the Cleveland fans. For the haters all it did was create one more team that they didn't think was a good test even though they thought it was pre-game

10. Miami - Miami sucks

11. New Orleans -Yao had 28 and 14 in effectively his last real game. He was phenomenal and we really could have used him against Boston tonight. He's the best center in the game and even while the streak continued there were moments when he was greatly missed.

12. Chicago -Tracy had 24 points and 8 assists, Yao started to show he was hurt. The Bulls were simply no match in the long run for the Rockets

13. Washington - Yao is out for the season and I am sad. How would the Rockets play without him? The Wizards wish they didn't have to find out. The Rockets continued to roll with their 4th double digit victory in a row

14. Memphis - Memphis sucks

15. Denver - Admit it, with Yao out you thought the Rockets would lose this game. It's okay, just admit it. The Rockets and Shane Battier killed Denver ultimately winning by 14. It was a true team game as a different player led us in points, rebounds and assists

16. Indiana - Payback for the close game in win 2 of the streak was not pretty for the visiting Pacers, the Rockets ended it with an 18 point victory. The 16th victory in a row gave the Rockets a new team record.

17. Dallas - No Dirk? No contest. The Rockets beat Dallas in Dallas for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. Tracy led the way with 31 points and 9 assists.

18. New Orleans -Try number two for the Hornets to break the streak, and even with a super-human performance from CP3, the Rockets were too much.

19. New Jersey -Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson were so flustered that they shut it down in the early 3rd quarter. The Rockets tied the NBA record for double digit victories in a row with their 10th win and it just so happened to come against the Nets who previously owned the record

20. Atlanta - Marvin Williams can't handle being the 11th team in a row to get beat by double digits so he kills the streak with 5 seconds to go. The Rockets played terrible offense for 3.5 quarters and then put it together at the end of the game to win by 8

21. Charlotte - Emeka Okafor tried his hardest, but Tracy managed to do it mostly by himself, pouring in 30 points

22. Los Angeles Lakers - Shane holds Kobe to 11-33 shooting and the Rockets finally move from 10th to first. Great game on national television and the Rockets show they can play with the big boys.

And just in case y'all forgot, the Rockets still have a long winning streak intact: They haven't lost on the road for 12 games and here we go on a three game road swing...