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Things that suck...

This is a great weekend for basketball fans everywhere. There's the NCAA tournament - where there is a chance that for the first time ever all four of the #1 seeds might make the Final Four. It's not going to happen (Texas will probably beat Memphis, if only as payback for Memphis not covering and costing me money in Vegas.)

There's also the NBA playoff race to consider. If you haven't noticed, the Western Conference is a complete clusterf--k. The Rockets did not play Friday. And yet... they dropped from 2nd place to 5th place simply by being idle. But... somehow they also gained one game on the 1st place team. I have a degree in mathematics and yet this statistical anomaly still makes my head spin! It's unfathomable. To the extent that the Rockets needed that 22 game winning streak - or else we'd be in 9th place and wondering what the hell happened.

Now, here's the sucky part of the weekend...

I'm at the office. On a Sunday.
Yeah, we're playing a little "catch up" here.

And there is nary a TV or radio in sight. Guess who won't be watching the Rockets/Spurs game. Or the Texas/Memphis game. Or the Kansas/Stephen Curry game.

Cockgobbles!!! I guess I'll just have to gamecast everything from down here in Storage B.

Oh, and Rafer... I do believe you have my stapler.

edit: More things that suck - we just gave up 35 1st-Q points to the Spurs?!??! 35??