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This is not *just* a Rockets blog

For those that may have been confused by the Kobe posts... allow me to explain.

The purpose of this blog was initially for me to air my grievances against the suckiness that is/was Rafer Alston (though he's playing phenomenal right now - he sucked donkey balls in November/December). I will continue to make such complaints here.

Other 'purposes' were to make random posts to continue the plea to get Robert Horry in the Hall of Fame; develop a site to fawn over the '94/'95 Houston Rockets championship teams; and to post ANY and all other random NBA or sports related thoughts in this space. Whatever we felt like writing about is to be considered fair game.

This is NOT just a "Rockets blog" - though 99.9% of the posts are about the Houston Rockets.

Yes, you read that right. In the offseason, there may be a ton of Astros/Texans related posts here. We've already made a few posts about Roger Clemens and other non-Rockets topics.

In fact, for those that might want to know, while I am a huge Houston Rockets fan, I am also an NBA fan and will watch any NBA game that's on TV (Miami Heat excluded). Just to get a better perspective, here are my top 10 favorite all-time NBA players. You'll see that they are not just Rockets players. I like being diverse.

1. Robert Horry.
2. Hakeem.
3. Kobe Bryant. Yes, Kobe.
4. Reggie Miller. Reggie was a badass.
5. Yao.
6. Clyde.
7. Sam Cassell.
8. Penny Hardaway pre-microfracture.
9. T-Mac.
10. essentially ayone else not named "Karl Malone" or "John Stockton" or "Patrick Ewing".

That is why I participated in the Kobe Bryant Blog Day over at Hardwood Paroxysm. I am a huge Kobe fan, but I hate the Lakers. Yes, I can reconcile the two.