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Time to gamble away my sorrows

What was once a 22-game winning streak is now a 1-game losing streak.

I accept that this is part of life in the NBA.
Once every 35 years or so that is.

In the meantime, I probably won't be able to watch the next three games (Hornets, Warriors, Suns). For I am leaving for Las Vegas this afternoon. Yes, Vegas. For March Madness. And to up the ante even more -- it's for a Bachelor Party. That's like the trio of crazy events.

Vegas + March Madness + Bachelor Party = oh, dear God I hope I survive.

My next 4 days should be a blur of NCAA basketball games (of which I plan to place bets on at least 80% of these games. Except games involving Kansas, North Carolina or Duke. I hate those guys), some good ol' fashioned Texas Hold 'em poker (cash game or tourney, I have not decided yet) and, of course, lots and lots of alcohol-based beverages.

If anyone has any good suggestions or inside knowledge on which teams to bet on - send me an e-mail, I'm all ears.

I promised Lee I would not bet on the Rockets. At all. We are afraid of any jinxes. But I won't have Internet access either. Or at least I won't be accessing the Internet while I'm there.

See y'all on Monday.

Go Rockets!