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We roll out the D team and roll on to #20

The Rockets played one of their worst offensive games that I can remember last night and still won by 8. And Marvin Williams deserves a special place on Santa's bad list for a dunk with 5 seconds left that purposefully ended the Rockets' double digit victory string at 10 (still the NBA record but only tied for it). Yeah for you Marv, you ended the double digit streak but your ass still got kicked. I guess he didn't want to add insult to injury.

This game actually played out about like the last time the Rockets had a long streak going into Atlanta. The Rockets won this one mostly because Atlanta is about 2 years away from having a winning team, but they also won because they turned up the defense when they had to. That's the great thing about this team; typically they have enough offensive firepower to win games, but have the defense that does not necessitate it.

Rafer was horrible last night in almost every non-assist oriented way. His defense was bad and his shooting was awful. That's the last non-offseason positive post we'll have up about him. Sorry guys, we aren't risking jinxing this team again just to give some semi-deserved props to him. It's almost like he was smoking some weed before the game and it mellowed him out too much. Usually when he sucks I don't hate him because he recognizes it and is visibly upset. I never noticed him get mad at himself last night and it was a much deserved internal conflict.

The game ball last night goes to Chuck Hayes with 8 points and 12 rebounds, he kept the team together when Luis Scola went out early with foul trouble. He even completed a few pick and rolls that were ill-advised by Luther and Rafer. Why is it again that they pass to him on a normal basis?

Some crazy "shooting" stats: The Rockets were 30-90 shooting last night including 6-29 from behind the arc. That's 20.7% from 3 and 33.3% overall. They didn't end their awful shooting there, they were respectful to the free throw line and shot 17-26 for 65.4% from the line. Basically it's the worst shooting performance I can remember ever watching them have. I'm not saying they haven't had worse, it's just fresh and is the worst I can remember.

Next up for the Rockets is the Charlotte Bobcats at 7:30PM on Friday night. Number 21 could be on the horizon.