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Welcome back, Carl Landry!!!

Carl Landry - oh, how we missed you!

Yes, we did manage to win the first five games of the seven that you missed. And we were all introduced to Mike Harris in your unexpected absence. And Luis Scola is still the resident starting badass PF. And the Rockets are still on pace to make the playoffs and win 55+ games.

But we missed being able to use "Luis Landry" jokes. A lot.

And we missed your 24.67 PER rating.

And as much as I like Chuck Hayes... it was obvious we needed you Carl. And I like winning more. Watching Chuck shoot free throws was just painful. Then again, watching most anyone wearing a Rockets jersey shoot free throws is painful. Unless that person is Yao.

While I was away in Vegas, Mr. Landry returned for the Warriors game. And he was beastly as usual. 17 points and 8 rebounds in 19 minutes. Landry even threw in a steal and an assist for good measure! The Phoenix game was a bit tougher - but it was the back end of the completely unfair back-to-back. And yet Landry still had 9 points and 5 assists in limited action. He even made his free throw!

Big game tonight against the Sacramento Kings. A must win.

Damn it's good to have "Luis Landry" back 100%!