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April Fool's explained...

Yes, yes, I know it was kind of mean to insinuate that Yao would return for the playoffs.

But my "joke" served two purposes. (1) It was a damn fine April Fool's joke; and (2) It reinforces my belief that while I would love to have Yao ready and available in May, it is not going to happen -- but the Rockets are still going to be okay. Not ideal, but we'll be okay.

There will be no gloom and doom attitudes on this here blog about the Rockets' playoff chances. We can definitely make some noise in the West. Unless T-Mac also decides to shut it down. Then we'd be relying on Luis Landry and Rafer. Tough task.

And next year? When Yao comes back?
Oh, hell yeah - the Rockets are going to kick ass!