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End of season awards, part I

The guys over at We Rite Goode are hosting the final blogger vote of the year for all the NBA awards... you know, MVP, ROY, COY, etc.

But because it's the end of the year and we need more material, they are breaking it up into multiple posts and are adding new categories to vote on.

You can find the results here, and yes, Lee and I got to vote, and we voted for Durant (Scola 2nd), Adelman and Turkoglu (Dunleavy Jr. 2nd). Yes, I wanted to vote for Luis Scola as rookie of the year, and yes I am a complete homer, but no - I am not that delusional. Meanwhile, Lee was conflicted by his loyalty to the Rockets and also to his college team, which just so happened to employ Mr. Durant for 4 months a year ago.