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A few follow-up questions for today

1. Can someone explain to me why a career 33% three-point shooter (and 29% this year) averages more than 5 attempts from beyond the arc over the last four years?

2. Would Kobe Bryant ever be caught saying "I didn't have anything (in the fourth quarter)" .... "It's tough, banging with these guys."???

3. Would Michael Jordan ever say he was tired?

4. Should the supposed "best player" on a 55 win-playoff team (one with homecourt advantage) get cut some slack after averaging a robust 0.5 points in two 4th quarter efforts???

5. Would the presence of Rafer freakin' Alston really have made a difference? (I'll answer this one: NO!)

6. When the guy who was actually called for the foul (Scola) doesn't blame it on the refs, why is McGrady making statements like this: "You can't call that," McGrady said. "I saw a replay, and that was a bad call. I like Tony Brothers, but that was a bad call. Very, very bad call. Three points down at a crucial point in the game, and Kirilenko flops. He flops, and you call the foul on that? It was a bad call. It was a bad call."

Enough excuses, Tracy. I'm sick of it. It's always something, isn't it?