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Game 1: Let's never do that again

Well, that was a completely uninspiring an all-over depressing effort tonight by the supposed good guys. Translation: 93-82... WHAT THE FUCK?!?! We had a Loren Woods sighting. That should about sum it up.

Things that we must improve upon (greatly) in the next 46 hours:

1. Rebounding. Yes, both teams tied with 41 rebounds, but anyone who saw the game could clearly see that Utah was far more aggressive when it mattered and got a lot of cheap/easy baskets simply by rebounding.

2. Make free throws. Did we learn nothing from the Memphis/Kansas college game? Missed free throws kill. Rockets were an awesome 18-29 from the charity stripe. When we scratched and clawed back to actually take a lead... the clanging began. Which not only cost us points, but gave the Jazz momentum. Game over shortly thereafter.

3. Cover the token white guy. The turning point in the game was letting Ashton Korver get wide-the-fuck open for two easy three point shots. He's not going to miss those. Just not going to happen. A tie game became an 8 point deficit and that was the end.

4. More T-Mac (less Tracy). Great third quarter. Then "Tracy" came in for T-Mac. No layups. Not even attempted layups. A few jumpshots. Hey, Tracy, do you know how/why you got blocked by Ashton? It's because YOU DID NOT TAKE THE BALL TO THE BASKET LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!!!!! A layup attempt becomes a blocked shot. Ugh.

5. Less Luther Head/Steve Novak. I like Novak. I really do. And I like Luther Head in small doses. Just not in this series. Both got abused. Both will continue to get abused.

Luis Scola didn't shrink from the pressure. And Shane Battier had a good offensive game (but a terrible defensive one). T-Mac was uneven. He needs to be a beast in Game 2... for if we lose that game, we may not be coming back to Houston alive. Scary thought, indeed.

For a team that beat us in the playoffs a year ago, you'd think we'd have been more motivated and ready to go from the opening tip. Guess I was wrong... maybe *I* am the only one that was out for revenge. Game 2 better be a whole hell of a lot different. In effort and result.