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Game 3: Where the Rockets must choose wisely

I see the game going in one of two directions...

Option #1 - the Rockets play with pride, stun the Jazz (and the home crowd) by not giving up. This includes rebounding, fighting for loose balls, not shooting bail-out 3s with 10 seconds on the clock, making free throws, passing the ball, constantly moving on offense, and not giving up easy layups on the defensive end, etc.

If the Rockets do this and manage to keep the game close - McGrady might feel compelled to actually play in the 4th Quarter... which might assist the Rockets in securing a "W".

This would make me happy.

Option #2 - the Rockets follow the lead of Tracy McGrady and whine and cry about everything... essentially giving up. The end.

If the Rockets do this, the Jazz will win by 20+, and we all know it.

This would not make me happy.

My prediction? The Rockets choose wisely, select Option #1, and win a close game in Utah. Making Game 4 very, very, very interesting on Saturday.