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Game 5: Where I better be going home happy!

Yeah, guess who got a ticket to the game tonight?
(Other than Lee, dammit!)


that's right -- me!

So I'll be eating and drinking in one of the suites while the Rockets fight their way back and hopefully make a legitimate series out of this whole thing. We win tonight and Utah *has* to win Game 6. No way we lose Game 7 if we can force it.

And Tracy, if I hear one complaint about the coaching, your shoulder/back/knee or why Matt Harpring isn't playing nice with you... I am going to snap faster than the Principal in Billy Madison would have if anyone got caught cheating. Joe Johnson scored more points in the 4th quarter last night against Boston than you have combined in four 4th Qs against Utah so far. And Boston plays MUCH better defense than Utah. You have no excuses. None.

Not to sound like Al Davis, but... just win, baby!

(I've just been informed I am not allowed to cuss during tonight's game. I promised I would behave. Don't make me have to break my promise, guys... please don't do it.)