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The Last Regular Season Hurrah

Tonight is the last regular season game, and almost everything is still up in the air (LA is the 1 and NO is the 2). I'm not going to reinvent the wheel on all of the playoff scenarios, but if you want an excellent read from the best NBA BBS on the planet, check this out at Clutchfans. It's a thread about what happens and gives every scenario possible. In general, and what I want to see happen, if the Rockets win and the Jazz lose, they play each other as the 4/5 seeds with the Rockets having the lower seed and the home court advantage. If the Jazz or the Rockets lose, I don't even want to think about it.

The Clippers come into town and play the Rockets at 7:30PM CST at Toyota tonight. Houston recently destroyed them on the road 105-79 and won the first game against them 88-71. This should not be a close game.

Los Angeles Clippers: 23-58 (10-30 on the road) 2-8 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 54-27 (30-10 at home) 6-4 in their last 10

This game is HUGE. The Rockets win, and they likely have home court advantage (I just think that Utah isn't winning somewhere they haven't won in 20 years). I'd love to write more, but there isn't much more to say, this is a must win.

Let's go Rockets!!