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My Utah Jazz - The Least Sucky Thing about the Jazz

My Utah Jazz is, yep, you guessed it, a blog about the Utah Jazz. Tonight the Rockets will take on their beloved team and we did a Q&A session with Brock to get a little insight into the Jazz season. Check the site out here and leave a bunch of comments for them telling them how great their site is and how much we don't like their team!

Dream Shake: Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul, personally I take D-Will vs CP3 but CP3 vs everyone else. What make Deron that much better head to head, but a slight step behind the rest of the time?

My Utah Jazz: I don't know how far behind he really is. He has put up great numbers and carried his team to great heights just like CP3. As President of the "Stop the Media's Obsession with Chris Paul Fan Club" I honestly feel the NBA and all it's media outlets chose CP3 as their poster boy the day he was drafted and he will forever be given more attention than D-Will. That's alright though, as Jazz fans, we have a great amount of confidence in D-Will, even more so when he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Not only can he handle CP3, he hasn't done that bad against vets like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. He is good. We just can't seem to get ESPN etc. to take notice.

Dream Shake: I saw a poll on your site a while back about biggest rival and noticed the Rockets were not their. I consider the Jazz our third biggest rival, and back in the day I would have said they were number one. Why such a drop off? Or do the Rockets really not hold any rivalry for Jazz fans?

My Utah Jazz: There is a good history there but I think it dwindled away when Stockton & Malone retired. Not that we haven't had great battles since then but as Jazz fans we tend to pick our rivals based on emotions. What does that mean? Well, we despise the Nuggets and the Lakers. DESPISE THEM. Losing to those teams is about as bad as it gets as a Jazz fan. However, if we have another epic battle between you guys in this years playoffs. I am guessing a rivalry is going to start brewing.

Dream Shake: Who is your pick for the "easiest" first round match up for the Jazz (With no mathematic way for them to take on Denver, Dallas or GS please pick from the top 6)? For the toughest?

My Utah Jazz: Personally, I believe it's N.O. We match up with them well and D-Will wants nothing more than to prove he can take CP3. We have had a lot of success with them in the past couple years and they are one of the top teams every Jazz fan can't wait to meet in the playoffs. I am not saying it will be a breeze, but I am confident we could win in 5-6 games.
The teams that make all Jazz fans curl up in the fetal position are the Lakers and Spurs. Our confidence is building with the Spurs but they still scare us. L.A. has worked us this year, and we want nothing to do with them this year. Does anyone?

Dream Shake: John Stockton or Karl Malone: Which player is most beloved for Utah fans, and no cop outs, you have to pick one? Which one is most hated outside of Utah? Personally, with Malone I don't even have respect for him on the court, with Stockton I at least respect how crafty he was. (I do have a lot of respect for Jazz fans, they have always been pretty classy in my book)

My Utah Jazz: Man, you are putting me on the spot. I know a lot of our My Utah Jazz bloggers have different oppinions on this. But, they don't have the floor so I am going to say Stockton. I had a chance to go to a NCAA Tourney game a couple years ago when it was here in SLC. During a timeout at a Gonzaga game they showed Stockton in the stands sitting with his family. The Utah Crowd stood and cheered for what felt like 20 minutes. He was a hard-nosed player that did not cause a lot of drama. He loved to play and he brought it day in and day out. He and Malone both rarely missed a game and you have to give them both credit for that. Had Karl not left to the Lakers before retiring I may feel differently. Stockton gets a bad wrap though because he wasn't a real community guy. He rarely showed his face while Karl would quite often. However, I was at a Little League Basket Ball even when Karl came to speak. Every little kid wanted to see him dunk the ball but he refused. Thanks Karl. Dunk the damn ball. That alone gives Stockton the edge.

Dream Shake: What's your favorite moment in Jazz history? And I think I'm setting myself up here...

My Utah Jazz: You totally set yourself up Lee. I remember exactly where I was, who I was with, what I was eating, and how bad I had to go to the bathroom. Stockton hitting that shot was the greatest moment in Jazz history. In fact,a few of us My Utah Jazz bloggers were together that day and video taped our reaction. Priceless. It should be a NBA "Where Fans get together and act like little children Happens." Some older Jazz fans may mention other moments but for all of us 20 and 30 something Jazz fans. It was certainly "The Shot" that earns the top spot.