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Next! We got next!

Portland is on the schedule for tomorrow night. In Portland.

Things we need to accomplish during this game:

1. Realize that the Rockets are going nowhere if Tracy McGrady shoots 31 times a game. Especially if he only makes 12. Who does he think he is... Rafer?

2. Pass the ball to Scola. 20 points last night, but he only got 9 shots. Nine. Scola should be shooting more than Rafer. I think we can all agree on this.

3. Do NOT pass the ball to Chuck. Luther Head actually passed the ball to Chuck on a break 20 feet from the basket last night. Luther... and Rafer/Bobby and Aaron... do not pass to Chuck. Chuck is to layups what Dante Hicks is to hockey on the roof. Don't pass to this guy - he sucks. (Chuck is great at pretty much everything else though.)

4. Either use Carl Landry or don't. If he's not healthy, rest him. If he's healthy, freakin' play him! You don't limit guys with a 24 PER to 10-15 minutes a game. You exploit this!

5. Get back to playing defense. Last night the Kings shot 51% from the field. 51%! Artest had 7 open looks for 3s and he hit four of them. NBA players make open shots. Our defensive intensity died in that Boston game it appears. Except for Shane. He's still DPOY.

6. Wag the finger. Fuck Scott Wall - keep wagging the finger, Dikembe!

7. Play Mike Harris. I realize we are pushing towards the playoffs, but if our starters are all averaging over 40 minutes per game, we aren't going to have anything left once the playoffs do start. Mike Harris is an energy guy who hustles, rebounds and plays defense. But he's been glued to the bench the last 6-7 games.

8. Make free throws. Not that I should ever have to repeat this, but the Rockets still only shoot 72% from the FT line this year. That's just not going to cut it in close games in May. Especially since the 72% figure is much, much lower if we remove Yao from the equation. Sadly there are only TWO players on our active roster that shoot over 80%. Luther Head and Aaron Brooks. And they don't exactly shoot lots of free throws.

9. Find that extra gear. During the Streak, the Rockets never let teams stay in the game. We'd get the slightest lead in the 2nd quarter and Landry, Bobby, Luther, Novak, Harris and the gang would extend the lead into double figures. Our biggest lead against Sacramento? 6 freakin' points. Crush the opponents' spirit, guys.

10. Get angry. The critics are ready to engrave your tombstone, guys. Some even suggest you might not even make the playoffs now! We know this isn't true, but you must quit giving people ammunition to critique and question. Seek and destroy!