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Our shamelessness knows no bounds (Blogger Awards)

Matt and Corn over at Hardwood Paroxysm has taken on the monumental task of putting together a season-ending "NBA Blogger Awards" - with all sorts of crazy/cool categories. We somehow got mentioned and/or nominated in at least one category that I saw.

And since Lee and I have no shame in self-promotion... okay, *I* have no shame in self-promotion and whoring out this blog for possible new readers or exposure...


Here. It's a link. Click on it and vote!

There's even a write in option on most of 'em!

Don't make me have to send Puffy to your house!

I'll even make it easy for you. Highlight the text below:

"The Dream Shake"

and then hit "Ctrl + c"
then find all the areas where it has a write in option...
then hit "Ctrl + v"

... and, abracadabra! You've voted for us!