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Q&A with Bright Side of the Sun

We've added to our series of Q&As with other blog, and we have another fantastic blog participant for you today. Bright Side of the Sun is an extremely insightful and well written blog about, yep, you guessed it, the Phoenix Suns.

Here it is:

Dream Shake: What is it with Phoenix in the last 11 games and the ups and downs? Wins over Houston, Philly, Denver and SA and Losses to Detroit, Boston, Denver and Dallas leave me with no idea what to expect. So what do you expect? Is this finally the year for Phoenix fans to celebrate that elusive title?

Bright Side of the Sun: Your guess is as good as mine.

At this point we could be holding very hot summer parade down Central Ave where cold water is being sold for $10 and about 12,000 fans die of heat stroke waiting Shaq to climb up on a fire truck and The Gorilla melts into a storm drain only to return the following year as the Cloverfield monster.

Or, we could be planning mass Harry Carry - that's where Sun's fans pass the Gorilla in Olympic torch-relay fashion culminating in a ritual disembowelment of said unfortunate ape.

Dream Shake: Shaquille O'Neal: A misunderstood superstar or a Lazy fat punk that is every bit the whiny baby he appears to be right now and just decided to all of the sudden get in shape after he punked the Heat?

Bright Side of the Sun: Yes. Look, you aren't going to find any Shaq love from me.

I hated this trade and I don't really like the guy and his big mouth

But I have to say that I might be eating crow very soon. He's brought a completely different dynamic on both ends of the floor. The guys like Diaw and Amare listen to him and now that his range has increased from zero to 5 feet he has really changed our outlook. At least until next year when we find out what it's like to have a $20m role player miss 35 games.

And besides, is it his fault he came to Phoenix with his ass literally out of shape?
And there's Shawn Marion, a guy who never missed games and went to the Heat and suddenly can't stay healthy. I guess there's something in the water in Miami that isn't good for stars. It might be Lotteryitis maybe Shaq had an early case of that?

Dream Shake: Steve Nash, top 5 point guard of all time? Top 10? Personally I love the guy and he's in my top 10 easily and on a given day he could be in the top 5. What has it been like getting to watch him after ridding yourselves of Stephon Marbury?

Bright Side of the Sun: Stephon who?

Nash is one of the best ever. I am not one for ranking players across eras but it's clear that Steve is right up there. I can't think of another player that took so long to develop into a super star though. He's very unique and an inspiration for a lot of younger players struggling to make it.

Dream Shake: In what century are the Suns doctors in? The 23rd? The 24th? Is it a secret in Phoenix how the doctors do it? I haven't seen much on exactly how they are able to heal Grant Hill, Shaq or STAT, but would love to know how for Yao.

Bright Side of the Sun: Aaron Nelson is my MVP. He's actually quite open about his methods. It has to do with the interconnectivity of the various body parts. The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone. Stuff like that. I think gorilla penis might also be involved somehow. Not sure about that.

What I don't really understand is how other teams with so much invested in their players haven't figured it out also. It's almost if some teams want to lose.

Dream Shake: How did the Suns blow getting Horry and Cassell from the Rockets for the old and crusty Charles Barkley?

Bright Side of the Sun: I am not sure what you mean by "blow".

We did manage to unload Chuck before he broke anymore windows with random people's heads.
Horry was around just long enough to get into it with a Suns guard (a foreshadowing if there ever was one) and as for Cassell we don't take well to aliens 'round these parts mister.