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Rockets vs. Nuggets - Let's Get that 2 seed!

I'd love to write about the Phoenix Suns butt kicking, but apparently, me saying "The Rockets won by 11" meant "I watched the game, please delete if from the DVR" to my wife. Note to all reading this: Be clear about what you say to a pregnant woman. The bottom line is I did not get to watch anything but the last 3 minutes and I only heard the game on the radio after the Rockets went down 13-2 until halftime. So I will take personal credit for the Rockets big lead and big win.

Next up, the Rockets take on the Denver Nuggets at 8PM CST in Denver, CO. A win by the Rockets tonight would do two things: 1. Continue a chance for them to win the 2 seed, have a shot at the 1 seed (albeit a long shot one) and put Golden State back in the driver's seat for the 8 seed. A win for the Nuggets will let them keep the 8 seed as they own the tie breaker with GS.

Denver Nuggets: 48-32 (31-8 at home) 6-4 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 54-25 (24-15 on the road) 7-3 in their last 10

The Nuggets are a very good home team, owning the fourth best Western Conference home record. I for one think being a high energy team that can deliver on that in the altitude gives them a distinct advantage in Denver. They've lost to New Orleans, Indiana, LA Lakers, Portland, Golden State, Utah, Detroit, and Sacramento, so only 2 of the 8 were to lesser teams, the rest were to teams with winning records.

The last time the Rockets traveled to Denver, they took a 14-10 Nuggets team to the wire, ultimately losing 112-111 in OT. It was a big step for the Rockets, and while I'm not one that is big on moral victories, if their was such a thing, this was it. The Rockets started to roll shortly after, going 42-11 since.

I think this game will come down to two factors:
1. Can the Rockets hold Denver under 100 points
2. Can the Rockets get a lead early and extend it with the reserves

If either of those comes true, the Rockets should win. If both of them come true, the Rockets should win by 10 plus. If neither comes true it could be a long night. This should be win 6 out of 8 in a row to end the season.

Go Rockets!