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Rockets/Clippers - the end of the road

The Rockets finish up a 5 game road swing tonight in Hollywood-land.
So far the good guys are a disappointing 2-2 on this trip. A victory is much needed tonight to have a winning trip and also to maintain pace in the West (if playoffs started today, we'd still be in L.A. - facing the Kobes).

I'm just sad I won't be able to see any of this tonight. No Yao means no "you can't f--king stop me" YouTube worthy moments. Bummer.

Rockets: 51-25, 6th in West (23-15 road record), 5-5 last 10.
Clippers: 23-53, mathematically eliminated since November (13-25 at home), 2-8 last 10.

Seriously, if we lose tonight (8:30pm CST), this will be more embarrassing than the Kings game. I don't even care if the NBA sends Scott Wall to ref the game and he brings along Steve Javie and drags Jake O'Donnell out of retirement as an added edge against the Rockets. We cannot - repeat - CANNOT lose this game.

The key to winning? Pass the ball to this guy and keep Elton Brand busy on defense:

Also, Tracy, I know you are the best offensive player on our team. This is not in dispute. You are the only one truly capable of creating your own shot. The only one capable of playing legitimate 1-on-1 offense and being successful.

That said - if you take 25+ shots, that is a bad, bad, very bad thing for our offense. Ricky's system relies on ball and player movement. This implies that people are passing the ball. The "find T-Mac at the elbow and let him work" offense hasn't worked the last 10 games. It sure as hell won't work in the playoffs. If you take 20-22 shots a game (and theoretically make 10 or so), that is ideal. Scola needs to get 10-12 shots a game, minimum. Even Rafer needs 8-10 shots. Bobby Jackson will get his and so will Battier... but Scola needs your help. Pass him the freakin' ball!

Go Rockets! Win #52 tonight!