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To take nothing away from the Utah Jazz...

The Jazz played great in Game 1. No doubt about it.

The Rockets, however, should have had a halftime lead (two layups where BJ kicked it out of bounds on the way up, and two defensive rebounds that were dropped/fumbled right into the Jazz' hands for easy baskets)... that's an 8 point swing right there.

The 4th quarter was abysmal. Nothing I can say to make it any better.

On a sidenote: Hey, Jazz fans... you are welcome to comment here. Really. And since you are winning 1-0, you have free reign to all the trash talking you want in the comments. But grow a pair and try not to do it anonymously. I know Banky Edwards summed it up years ago by stating that the purpose of the Internet was to slander others anonymously, but come on... I give little to no weight to those who don't even have the courage to create a fake name.

Game 2 Monday. A definite "must win"... for if we start out 0-2, well... I'm not even going to consider the possibility yet.