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Weekend plans? Oh, I have many!

In addition to watching the Rockets continue to stun Utah and their crazy fans (seriously, would a Rockets fan ever get ejected for trying to shake the basket and cussing out a referee?)...

there's also this NFL Draft thing on Saturday. And while, yes, this is predominantly a Rockets blog, I happen to love the NFL. And its Draft. And the ability to make fun of Mel Kiper's hair. I do not love when Berman ruins the suspense and tells me who is being picked though. FU, Berman. Now that the Texans are no longer a losing franchise (8-8, bitches!), and because we've done well with the last couple drafts... there's a lot of suspense building up for the 18th pick.

So, before I put my Scola jersey on tomorrow night and get ready to yell at Rafer/McGrady (9:30pm CST on ESPN)... I will be watching various NFL teams mortgage the future and spend mega-millions on 21 year old dudes whose intelligence is based on a 50 question multiple choice test. But not the Texans. We will draft wisely.

Why do I bring all this up?

Because there will be an awesome (dare I say "legendary"?) live-blog, NFL Draft chat thing going on over at DGDB&D beginning at 1:30pm tomorrow afternoon.

Assuming it doesn't take too long for me to eliminate all of my competition in a morning poker tournament, I'll be over at the DGDB&D chat shortly after it starts! See ya there?