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The Best of the Dream Shake (2007-2008)

Lee and I continue to struggle with the concept that the Rockets' epic 2007/2008 season is over. We have to wait until October to see resident badasses Yao Ming and Luis Scola take the floor as teammates again. That's a long wait. On the flip side, there are now fewer opportunities to bitch about Rafer sucking, Tracy taking too many 3s or how much we hate the Utah Jazz. Well, actually, we can still bitch about Utah. And... we will.

Because of this... and because we are completely devoid of original ideas at the moment... we now present you with the "Best of the Dream Shake (2007-2008)" - or essentially what we considered to be our best or favorite things we wrote in the past 6 months. Yes, I know that Best Of lists and "Greatest Hits" collections tend to suck. But these are the things we wrote that sucked the least. And they are (in no particular order):

10 Things I Hate about the Utah Jazz.
Of course I'm leading off with this.

Why I hate the Utah Jazz.
Yes, we like to repeat ourselves. For emphasis.

Reminiscing with Yao and YouTube.
YouTube clips... because we are lazy.

Petition to Remove Rafer.
The very first post. The reason this blog exists.

The Rockets and Married... with Children.
Because Al Bundy and Tracy are way too much alike.

Time for an 80's Mid-Season Review.
80s Movies and awards... before the Rockets got good.

Inconceivable! Rockets/Kings (Game 8 of the Streak).
Because Steve Novak, for one night, was the Man in Black.

Major Mistakes and How You Correct Them.
Also known as Lee predicting The Streak. Yes, really.

Shane Battier Knows White People.
Because Shane is the whitest man alive.

Gratuitous Post Du Jour.
The Rockets and Family Guy.

You've all been naughty, but.......
Christmas gifts for the (then underachieving) Rockets.

These were our favorite posts to write, read, re-read and shamelessly beg other blogs to link to. I think it worked out in the end. So, commenters, were there any that I should have included above???

And yes, dear readers, prepare for more zaniness and completely off-the-wall entries from us once our hangovers subside and we try to get through the long offseason. The 2009 Rockets are going to kick ass.