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Chad Ford forgot to pay attention

In his mock draft today, Chad Ford did a pretty decent job. At least he did up until the Rockets pick, saying they would take JJ Hickson out of North Carolina St. If you don't know anything about Hickson, he's actually a really good player. He's also a Power Forward.

I know that for every year that did not include Charles Barkley post the Otis Thorpe era that the Rockets have needed a power forward. This year is not one of those year. While Ford accurately notates that the Rockets have Luis Scola already, he forgets that 1. The Rockets just drafted a rookie in Carl Landry at the PF slot last year, a rookie that worked out very well and 2. The Rockets signed Chuck Hayes to a 4 year contract before last year.

So Mr. Ford, I know it's still early, but that's just a terrible mistake.

Also, let it be known that I believe the Rockets need to draft 1 of 4 players for this draft not to suck: DJ Augustin, Chris Douglas Roberts, Brandon Rush or Roy Hibbert

That's my draft board, DJ is a pipe dream, but one of the other three should be there. They all fit a huge need and I beleive Daryl Morey will find a way to make it happen.