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Game 6: The prelude to a hangover

Homer Simpson is a wise man.
"Alcohol - the cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems."

What can I say about Game 6?

Tracy McGrady came to play, Luis Scola again proved that he is a badass, but everything else I said we needed to do in Game 6... we didn't do.

Why did the Rockets lose? It's a littany of things you can't do in do-or-die games:

Miss free throws.
Make only 6 of 23 three pointers.
Score only 11 points in the most important quarter of the season.
Give up 100 points.
Forget how to gather a defensive rebound until you are down by 20.
Let 7 players on the Jazz score double figures.


Thanks for reminding me again why you suck, Rafer.
Thanks for beginning to suck, Luther. Thanks a lot.
Thanks for another brick-fest, Bobby Jackson.

Congrats to Utah. Yet I still really, really hate the Utah Jazz.

So now I have a really bad hangover. I have to deal with the next 5 months where there are no Rockets games.

Time to go sleep this off and pretend for an extended period of time that it never happened.