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Looks like we have that PF slot finally figured out!

Both ends of the Luis Landry rookie power forward made the All Rookie team today. Luis Scola on the first team and Carl Landry on the second team. Congrats to both of our guys and let's get Landry under contract now for a while. Our lone other rookie, Aaron Brooks, even got 1 second place vote!

All Rookie Team

Of note, what idiot coach didn't vote for Durant as a first teamer? I'm guessing it had to be Isiah Thomas, he's the only one dumb enough for that.

Editors Note: Looks like it was probably the same guy that did this: Acie Law, Atlanta, 1
I'm a Longhorn, but I really like Acie Law, but only an absolute moron would think he should be on the all Rookie team in any capacity.