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Thank You Chris Paul

The Rockets season has ended, and I'm sure that you have noticed that I haven't posted anything since that happened. I've wanted to, I just couldn't do it... I had convinced myself that Utah was not that good (partially true) and that the Rockets could play like a team and get through their hodge-podge of injuries (not even close to true). Ultimately I thought the Rockets would win the series. Game 3 really got me going again after I was down in the dumps with two straight home losses, then Game 4 kept my interest peaked as the Rockets could have won another one in the ESA. Game 5 was extra special as everything finally came together, and it was that game that got me fully invested again, trying to believe that the Rockets could get it done. In the end, it didn't happen and I thought my season of basketball watching was over. That was until one Mr. Chris Paul reminded me how great this season of NBA basketball was.

Any of you that know me, know that I couldn't care less about the Spurs. I don't hate them, but I certainly do not want them to go farther than the Rockets...EVER. And I'm getting sick of them winning the championship by flopping and generally playing a little dirty. The series is far from over, but Chris Paul has had two of the best games in NBA playoff history. His drive in the third quarter of game one and game two has been spectacular. If you thought a 29-17 3rd in game one was impressive, how does a 36-18 3rd in game two sound? All of that was keyed by great passes, steals, and scoring by CP3. 17 points and 13 assists with only 2 turnovers in the first game leading to a 19 point win and 30 and 12 with only 1 turnover in the second leading the Hornets to an 18 point win.

Today is Chris Paul Day over at AtTheHive, and since CP3 is my favorite player in the league not named Yao, I had to participate. Dave got his Kobe day and I get my Chris Paul day.

CP3 had one of the statistically greatest seasons in point guard history. 21.1 points on 49% shooting from the field and 37% from the arc, 11.6 assists, 4 boards and 2.7 steals. To put that in perspective, Magic Johnson's (arguable) greatest season ever, 1986-7 saw him with 23.9 on 52% and 21%, 12.2 assists, 6.3 boards and 1.7 steals, it was his 8th season in the league. Look at how close those are. Magic has the edge, but his team was significantly better around him and just remember that this is only CP3's 3rd season. In Magic's 3rd season, he was statistically inferior to CP3 in all but overall field goal percentage and rebounds. That's right, I just compared Paul to the greatest point guard of all time, and he definitely compares favorably. And the next time one of Paul's teammates is compared to Jabbar, McAdoo, or Cooper will be the first. Don't let yourself believe I think Paul's teammates are worthless, in fact if there is one player that is not a Rocket that like even close to CP3 it is David West. Peja is still a good player, though he disappears a little too much for my liking. To show how good Chris Paul is, he has made Tyson Chandler a "good" player. Chandler seems to get about 5 alley oops a game.

What exactly do I like about Chris Paul? Is everything an option? He seems to be a great guy, he is well educated, smart and he gives back to New Orleans and his home all the time. He is the perfect guy for that city (It's a shame the Rockets will be taking him off the Hornet's hands when TMac's contract is up). He's the best scoring PG in the league, the best assist man, and the best at playing the lane for steals. That's a pretty impressive combination if you ask me. He's everything you could want in a player that you cheer for and that you want to cheer for. Did I mention that he's lightning quick, can't be trapped for more than one game in a row and will destroy any double team, even when he is playing against much taller players? I didn't? Well he can. There is only one player even close to him in the league, and that is Deron Williams. I hate to break it to D-Will, who only seems to play up to his potential against Paul, but you're not as good. You can't be as good until you play like that every game, you know, like Chris Paul does.

Thank you Mr. Paul for giving the NBA as a whole back to me. You're the best! Now, about that free agency year...