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We're not going back to Utah!!!

Game 6. Tonight. 9:30pm.

If I see anything like this after the game... I am going to be very, very depressed.

I do want to see a lot of this though (and no, I'm not talkin' about Yao):

I am strangely confident that the Rockets will win tonight. I am not even the least bit nervous. Which is very rare for me. Or I could just be really, really drunk and not realize it.

Anyway, while Carlos Boozer failed to back up his statement that the Utah Jazz were "not coming back to Houston" - the Houston Rockets certainly are not going back to Utah after tonight's Game 6. Yes, I feel quite confident that no member of the Rockets will spend any amount of time in the state of Utah until the beginning of next season.

Of course, while the Rockets are in Utah for tonight - they might as well go to work, play hard, and come back to Houston with a victory. I'm just hoping beyond hope that the NBA sends referees that are also willing to go to work (and by "work" I mean "blow the freakin' whistle!"). Matt from HP cares not for my ref-based bitching, but he hasn't had to endure the Jazz/Rockets rivalry for the past 15-20 years. Refs are always an issue. Especially when Utah employed that thug Karl Malone.

(Yes, this is a photo of Tracy and Mr. Tim Donaghy. I am not subtle.)

Solution? Tracy - take the ball to the basket. Make the referees blow the whistle. Then - most importantly - make your freakin' free throws! All of them. No 4-8 performances tonight.

Also, Scola needs to make his layups in traffic, Rafer needs to shoot at least 35%, Luther Head needs to not play at all, Shane needs to make a couple 3s, Mutombo needs one big early finger-wag to piss off the crowd, Landry needs to get 5 offensive rebounds, Chuck/Scola/Landry need to NOT get in foul trouble, and Bobby Jackson must shoot better than 1-10. Is that asking for too much???

This thing is going 7 games.

Go Rockets!