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Some offseason fun

A few links from some friends of the blog

First up: TMac saving a dude that's falling

From Carolyn over at blog Cleveland: Yao's flippin sweet new kicks
I actually really want these, though a 6'3 bald headed white guy wearing these might not work out as well as I think it would in my head. In my head I rock them and I have to beat ladies off with a stick. In real life I'd be a guy with a dragon on his shoe and get looked at funny.

In other news:

Dave and I are participating in Ridiculous Upside's NBA Mock Draft currently. We pick for the Rockets tomorrow at 8AM. As I write this the following players have been picked:

The 2008 SB Nation Mock Draft so far:
1. Chicago Bulls- Blog-A-Bull: Derrick Rose
2. Miami Heat- Peninsula is Mightier: Michael Beasley
3. Minnesota Timberwolves- Canis Hoopus: OJ Mayo
4. Seattle Supersonics- Ridiculous Upside: Eric Gordon
5. Memphis Grizzlies- 3 Shades of Blue: Kevin Love
6. New York Knicks- Posting and Toasting: Russell Westbrook
7. Los Angeles Clippers- Clips Nation: Jerryd Bayless
8. Milwaukee Bucks- BrewHoop: Anthony Randolph
9. Charlotte Bobcats- Queen City Hoops: Joe Alexander
10. New Jersey Nets-Nets Daily: Brook Lopez
11. Indiana Pacers-Indy Cornrows: DJ Augustin
12. Sacramento Kings- Sactown Royalty: Marreese Speights
13. Portland Trailblazers-Blazers Edge: Brandon Rush
14. Golden State Warriors- Golden State of Mind: DeAndre Jordan
15. Phoenix Suns- Bright Side of the Sun: Danilo Gallinari
16. Philadelphia 76ers- Ridiculous Upside: Darrell Arthur
17. Toronto Raptors- The Dinosty: Chris Douglas Roberts
18. Washington Wizards- Bullets Forever: Roy Hibbert
19. Cleveland Cavaliers- Waiting For Next Year: Courtney Lee

So, no Rush, no Hibbert, no CDR, no Courtney Lee, and obviously no Augustin (anyone that doesn't think he is clutch isn't paying attention). So, we are kind of stuck with a project/backup center. I think we need a backup center, but if the draft were to really play out like this (it won't) I'm pretty certain we will be trading the pick.

What say you, who would you pick?

Robin Lopez is still there, he has skills, and his biggest deficiency is FT shooting to me, luckily Yao can teach him that
Donte Green is still left and he could be the next Robert Horry, 6’10, plays SF, but he would need to work on his 3pt shot a LOT, he could be an absolute steal this late
Mario Chalmers is a decent college PG, but I’m not sure we will draft a PG, but overall I hate his assist numbers and his A/T ratio even more. I'll pretty much tell you right now we won't be picking him
JaVale McGee I don’t know enough about

And if we have to take one of the Frenchys I'm going to be pissed.