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Make plans for the parade! Brent Barry a Rocket!

Just like his dad and his brother........
Brent Barry could not resist playing for the Houston Rockets.

Allow us to be the first to welcome the missing link...

the important "3rd scorer" we've been talking about since May...

the player who can create off the dribble and pressure the defense...!!!


Oh. Wait a second...
[checking biography for Barry, Brent]

Hmmm, the Rockets signed a 36 year old white dude to a 2-year contract.
A dude who plays no real defense.
A dude who is going to profit from ONE good game in the playoffs....

yeah, maybe we should all take a moment.



Calm the #(@*& down.

Let's realize that while Brent Barry is going to be a nice addition to the rotation, he's NOT the missing link or the final piece to the championship puzzle. Yes, he can shoot threes (but so can Novak!). Yes, he's very good shooting free throws (but so can Yao! Though I do like this part of Barry's game, too.) Yes, he's got a championship pedigree (but so does Robert Horry... who just happens to also be a free agent!)

Yeah, maybe it's just me but I don't get the fascination the Rockets have with Brent Barry. He is no longer the dunk champion guy he was a decade ago. He's a nice role player - and role players are important to championship teams, but if he was that important, don't you think San Antonio would have made more of a push to keep him?

So, uh, yeah, in conclusion - I sorta like this signing by the Rockets. I don't completely understand it, but it's not going to backfire on us the same way the Corey Maggette signing is going to backfire on the Golden State Warriors. It's a safe play by Mr. Morey.

But we're still going to need that 3rd scorer...
no rush on that.