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Summer League Team Announced and Carl Landry Notes

Yesterday the Rockets set the roster for their summer league team:

Aaron Brooks - PG
Donte’ Greene - SG/SF
Joey Dorsey - C
Maarty Leunen - SF/PF
Mike Harris - SF/PF
Loren Woods - C
Lanny Smith from UofH - PG
Joseph Jones from A&M - PF
Russell Robinson from Kansas - G
Dijon Thompson out of UCLA- SG/SF
Mark Tyndale out of Temple - SF
Gustavo Barrera out of Uruguay.

I had not seen the Joseph Jones or Lanny Smith pickups before that. While I'm a professed Longhorn grad and fan, I really like Jones and hope he can do something in the NBA. He'll be a good backup 4 for someone down the road I believe.

I am wondering if Landry will join this team if he signs in the next few weeks. That would make a lot of sense for his seasoning, but given all the forwards on the team, as it already stands, it might not. The Rockets may want to see what the other guys can do. I've been hearing rumors that Landry is working on his outside shot, and if so, that he could potentially move to SF. That would be a move that would help the Rockets if he can seriously improve his shooting and somewhat improve his handles. I don't see it actually happening, but hell, it's the off-season, a guy can dream, right?

I'd also like to say this to Mr. Landry's agent, STFU. That's right, STFU. Stop spouting off that Carl Landry is getting all kinds of offers, it's not true and it will eventually hurt your client. As a guy with only one client you are not allowed to even attempt to bully a team. All that will get you is fired by your one client. Don't be stupid, negotiate with the team that can give you the most money and that fits your client's game very well. Figure out what similar players have asked for, then ask for that plus 5%, don't go asking for that times 3 which is effectively what $8MM a season is. Your client has proven that he can play well when given minutes, he's also proven that his knee is a hazard to an NBA club's payroll.