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Things that make me like the Artest trade *more*

I wake up this morning... only to be re-affirmed in my belief that the Artest to the Rockets trade is nothing short of brilliant, and likely to work out quite well.

How is that you ask? Simple.

A certain no-talent-ass-clown does NOT like the trade.

Which almost guarantees that the trade will turn out great for us!

A short recap... the person in question liked the following recent Houston-based team trades/acquisitions:

a. Ed Wade
b. Miguel Tejada
c. Jason Jennings
d. Ahman Green
e. and he probably liked the Philip Buchanon trade, too

and let us also not forget that Mr. Justice still laments the Mario Williams draft pick. His heart is not complete without a little VY in his life...

Apparently the Rockets aren't allowed to draft anyone but nice guys. Someone failed to tell Justice that very, very, very few "winning" teams in the NBA, MLB or NFL comprise a majority of "nice guys".

Michael Jordan - not a nice guy. Not at all.
Muhammad Ali - awesome dude. Just not very nice all the time.
most any HOF-caliber football player - not nice. Not at all.
(This is why David Carr sucks - he's too nice)

Is Ron Artest a "nice guy"? Hell no. I think even he'd admit that himself.
But... Tracy McGrady *is* kind of a nice guy.
And he's 0-7 in the first round of the playoffs.
Yao is a nice guy, too... and that's been the criticism of him for years.

Soooooo... which is it?

I like having likeable dudes on my favorite teams.

... but I like winning more.