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Yao and LinkedIn

I'm a day late on this, but here is some information I got from LinkedIn:

Link to Yao's Question
Yao's LinkedIn Profile

On Thursday morning, July 17th, Houston Rockets' player Yao Ming will post a question on LinkedIn, an online professional networking site with more than
24 million members. This is the first featured question that an athlete has ever posed on LinkedIn.
Unlike some celebrities and athletes that use flashy profile pages on other sites as a way to publicize their glamorous lifestyles or latest sneaker designs, Yao decided to create a profile on LinkedIn to help others (by drawing attention to his foundation) and to reach LinkedIn's professional audience.
Here's the question that Yao will be asking LinkedIn users on Thursday:

Playing basketball has allowed me to realize my dream of playing in the Olympics. It has also given me the ability to establish a foundation that can help people in need. Has participating in sports made an important difference in your professional life?

Five people who answer Yao's question on LinkedIn will be selected to win 20 raffle tickets each from The Yao Ming Foundation. The winner of the overall raffle and his/her guest get an all-expenses paid trip to the Beijing Olympics to see Team China play Team U.S.A.. They will also get to see a Houston Rockets game and meet Yao afterwards.

Yao is asking LinkedIn members the question in an effort to promote The Yao Ming Foundation ( The foundation was created by Yao to support the rebuilding effort in China (after the deadly earthquake that hit the Sichaun province in May) and to create youth programs in both China and the United States. Yao's presence on LinkedIn will also help him draw attention to a raffle that he is running to help benefit the foundation.