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And oh by the way - Scola got a medal, too

Yes, yes, the U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team won the gold. Barely. You can thank Kobe and his penchant for 4 point plays for that... but anyway, that's not really a surprise, and I'm saddened that I can no longer use the "LeBronze" joke.

Meanwhile, Luis Scola added to his medal collection, picking up the Bronze to go with that Gold freakin' Medal he won back in 2004 (you know, back when the U.S.O.C. was dumb enough to let Stephon Marbury wear the red/white/blue... and let Larry Brown "coach" the team. Brilliant.) Anyway, so Scola proved he was a badass against the U.S. - Leading scorer with a double-double that day. He just had no help.

He finished it off today and made sure he got some sort of medal for his efforts. He had a simple 16 points on 50% shooting in the consolation game, but it was enough for a 12 point victory over Lithuania. Yes, Luis Scola is a badass. Still.

(also, I guess it's time to retire the "Luis Scola has a gold medal and Kobe does not" tag.) (*#&@, the 2008 Olympics are ruining all my good jokes.