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At least he's giving me material...

I was going to ignore it. I really, really was.
I mean, I already gave this guy a forum last week.

And I generally try to ignore the no-talent assclowns that walk the Earth. Alas, this I could not let this go. More evidence that Richard Justice is a complete tool.

I had a creepy feeling watching Ron Artest get that wild ovation when the Rockets introduced him Monday. It just doesn't seem right. This guy has been a poster boy for bad behavior, with everything from domestic violence to animal neglect to punching out a fan. He has been suspended 10 times

Uhhh, since when do we expect our athletes to be choir boys? Allow me to repeat after Charles Barkley - athletes are NOT role models. The city of Houston is extremely lucky to have guys like Yao Ming, Shane Battier, Luis Scola and even Tracy McGrady as representatives of our team. They are good people. Very good people. But let's face it, the cliche usually is true - nice guys finish last. I'm sick of supporting a team that comes up just short and is accepting of such a fate.

Also, it's not like Artest is the only NBA player ever accused of domestic violence, either. One such guy just so happened to represent our freakin' country the last few weeks at the Olympics (yeah, I'm looking at you, Jason Kidd.) And suspensions? Kobe Bryant has been suspended a handful of times, too - is Richard Justice suggesting that he wouldn't be good enough for the Rockets? If it is the Detroit brawl that bothers him so much, I'd love to see how li'l Dickie reacts if someone threw beer at him while he was at his desk typing that dreck he calls "journalism"!! Sorry, but if you throw beer at me, you better expect retaliation. And I'm not a thug. That said - I am not holding Artest out to be a beacon for all that is good and pure about humanity and/or basketball. I just think his personality is something the team has sorely needed for a LONG time...

Yet he's our guy now, and because he might help the Rockets get out of the first round of the playoffs, let's let the good times roll. I'm know I'm out of step on this. I know most of you would be happy to have O.J. Simpson if he could still be productive.
Did you just compare Ron Artest to O.J. f--kin' Simpson??? Yeah, getting in a fight when some jackass throws beer at you is completely analogous to brutally killing your ex-wife and her boyfriend. Sure. (Enter Mr. Chris Rock: "I ain't sayin' it was right... but I understand." And I'm talking about Artest there, not O.J.)

You dislike how the Astros place a premium on character. You think the Texans are naive for not wanting Tank Johnson, Cedric Benson or Pacman Jones. You love the Rockets. They're all about winning. Character be damned.
No, we think the Texans are smart for not going after players that cost too much and probably won't help us win. Quit listening to the peanut gallery, RJ. Oh, and yes, I do love the Rockets. Thanks for noticing. But character is just one factor. Hakeem Olajuwon wasn't exactly a choir boy. Neither were Vernon Maxwell, Robert Horry or Charles Barkley (yeah, remember he was a Rocket for a while...).

The Astros haven't exactly been perfect either. Let me be the first to say in the blogosphere that I am shocked the name "Bagwell, Jeff" was not in the Mitchell Report. Aside from Craig Biggio... the Astros have had a lot of shady characters pass through - I mean, Ken Caminiti was just the tip of the iceberg for Astros that had "problems" with drugs, alcohol, women, etc.

I understand the move from a basketball standpoint. Ron Artest makes the Rockets better. For GM Daryl Morey, it's a no-brainer.
Yeah, Daryl Morey has a job... and "winning" is a huge part of the job requirements. Plus, he's like a genius or something. Not that you'd ever be able to relate to that, Dickie. Ron Artest DOES make the Rockets better. And if you haven't noticed, we live in a society that places a premium on winning. We tend to like winners. Again, not that you'd know anything about that, RJ. Though I guess you would be the expert on what is or is not a "no-brainer" - you have the requisite lack of that...

I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around Les Alexander allowing this guy on his team. Is winning that important? Does character no longer count for anything?
Maybe Les Alexander likes winning, too?!?!?! It's not rocket science here (though I'll be sure to add "rocket science" to the list of things that you'd probably also have trouble wrapping your mind around...)

And maybe, just maybe, Ron Artest isn't the monster you want to make him out to be. Yes, I know if he were that it would make it *so* much easier for you to write columns and sell papers. Maybe that's why you are so disappointed. God forbid you actually offer an original and unique opinion that doesn't tend towards Yellow Journalism.

Hey! I have an idea! Maybe you and Jay Mariotti can start your own little club... I hear he's looking for work now. Or do you get too much of a kick insulting innocent people who have the audacity to comment on your blog and actually offer up legitimate discussion points?

Mr. Justice... FOAD. Thank you.