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Floor Burns - Round 3 - Battier still alive!

Yes, we have made it to week 3 of Hoops Addict's Floor Burns Tournament.

Shane Battier is still alive, and this week is matched up with Julian Wright. This should be a huge beat-down. In Shane's favor, of course. But he needs the votes - and this is far more interesting (and easier) than the Presidential Election, so go quickly place a vote for Shane Battier.

note - I'm going to go vote against Jason Maxiell while I am at it, for it appears Max might be the only real threat to Shane winning this whole tournament.

And anyone who says Battier is the most overrated player in the NBA can kiss my ass. The fact that Robert Horry was also on that list just proves how idiotic said list is. The added fact that Yao freakin' Ming was on the list should require the author to get publicly tar-and-feathered. Or at least mocked loudly. Very loudly. For Yao Ming is a badass, even when he's playing at only 60%. Ask Chris Kaman.