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Floor Burns - Shane and Chuck need your help!

Hoops Addict has posted a very interesting tournament concept this week... an all "floor burn" competition among NBA players. Or, more specifically:

Each night ESPN, and YouTube are flooded with clips of players soaring through the air for rim rocking dunks, buzzer beating three-pointers and blocked shots that make your jaw drop in amazement. While those are all entertaining plays, teams who win championships need players who are willing to get a little dirty and do the little things needed to help their team win. As valuable and crucial as these players are to their respective teams success, these players rarely get the credit or respect that they deserve. With that in mind, the First Annual Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament will kick off this week.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to pare down 32 participants until we’re left with one final player who will be heralded as the First Annual Floor Burn Tournament Champion. As players are eliminated, they’ll be matched against the bracket below them. For example, the winner of the West/Powe match-up will face off against the winner of Dudley/Nocioni in the second round.

Keep in mind that voting for the first round will end on August 11th at 12:00 AM.

Now, how cool of an idea is that? It's made even more cool with the inclusion of Shane Battier and Chuck Hayes as the representatives from the Rockets. Ryan from Hoops Addict was even nice enough to stack the deck in Round 1 and put Shane up against that annoying P.O.S. Matt Harpring of the Utah Jazz, a team I hate so very, very much. Not surprisingly, Shane is kicking that Georgia Tech ass all over the brackets. Meanwhile, Chuck has a more difficult matchup against Ronnie Turiaf - and as of this posting, Chuck is maintaining a slim lead.

So ... what are you waiting for - go stuff the ballot box! And when finished, you can always go check out Chuck's free throw form again for some laughs.