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Listen up everyone, turn up your volumes, announcement

I’ve got good news!
And it isn't that we’re extending arts and crafts time by 4 hours today (though we can do that if you want).

You may have noticed that in your address bar, it says, instead of the blogger name. It finally became available so I jumped on it. Suck on that anyone with a shake that is dreamy and tastes good! So, if you have us bookmarked, and we hope you do, change it over to delete the blogger part please.

Now, on to the big news! To go along with the site change, Dave and I made the decision today to move the blog. We are going to be a part of SportsBlogNation, a network of individual blog communities run by fans, for fans and united by a common devotion to their favorite team or sports. SBNation is the largest independent sports blog network in all the universe.

I'm not completely sure when the transfer will happen, but we'll try to post the news up here a few days beforehand. You won't have to change your bookmark from unless something crazy happens.