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Yahoo likes us, they really like us!

Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie NBA blog has a cool pre-season feature where Kelly Dwyer and J.E. Skeets are going team-by-team and identifying (ranking?) the top or most predominant blogs for each team...

Today the Houston Rockets were the Team Du Jour. Odd timing considering most people in Houston are busy dealing with a freakin' hurricane - but nonetheless, I'm just here reporting the news. Of course, I'm selfish and am not afraid of shameless self-promotion. Which is the reason I point this out, because Lee and I have been noticed.

BDL puts us as the #2 Houston Rockets blog!

Behind only the awesome Clutch Fans site (not sure if it's a "blog" per se, but hey, no need to get into a semantical Interwebs argument!).

So, thanks to everyone who has noticed us, promoted us or made any effort too read what we've published over the last year. It is much appreciated! (And that even goes for you, Rafer.... in case you've been reading!)

Go Rockets! I soooo can't wait for the regular season to start!