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Hello, SBNation! We are the Dream Shake!

Well, hello SBNation... !

We are the Dream Shake.  You may remember us from such blog posts as "Why the Houston Rockets will win the NBA Championship this year" or "10 Things we hate about the Utah Jazz" or "Shane Battier Knows White People"...


Beginning today, Lee and I are now members of SBNation and will be bringing you commentary and all sorts of interesting blogging material relating to the Houston Rockets.  Yes, you can expect many references to Yao Ming and/or Luis Scola as being "badasses" -- which they are.  We're big fans. 

And with the addition of Ron Artest to the Rockets, you can be certain there will not be a lack of blog-worthy material for us to write about on a near-daily basis.  At least, there should not be an excuse!

So, welcome new readers (and loyal readers from the before-time) and join us as we document what should be the season that gives Houston its first major sports championship since 1995!  (No, the WNBA does not count.  Nor does MLS.)