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The Dream Shake : An SBNation Production

I'd like to take the time to make my first post as a member of The Sports Blog Nation and welcome all of you to The Dream Shake.  Some of you are longtime readers (well, at least a year anyway) and some of you may have just come here for the first time, either way, welcome, and please continue to come.  In fact, why not make one of those bookmark thingies while you're here!

10 things to expect for the upcoming year:

1.  A lot more posts than you have seen in the off season.  Frankly, with the move being imminent, Dave and I were a little lax on our posting.  That won't happen anymore.  On average, I would say we'll get in 1-2 per day easily, a probably more towards 2.

2.  The Rockets to go on long winning streaks.  Every single year that we have done this blog the Rockets have won at least 22 in a row once during the season.  I see no reason for this to stop.

3.  Blatant homerism in some cases, but it is usually obvious.  Typically we stick with our opinions.  However, if we change them, we will man up and admit we were wrong.  I pray that number 4 will be one of those cases this year.

4.  Dave will rip Rafer for every single bad play,  I will reluctantly defend Rafer.  It's what we do.  That doesn't mean that if he has a 2-15 night with 6 tunrovers that I won't jump on him too

5.  Yao Ming will be the best center in the league, period.  I honestly believe you are an idiot if you do not agree with this.

6.  The Utah Jazz will still suck and will still not win a championship.  I know that's against the fan rules, but I don't care, facts are facts

7.  Either a defensive player of the year trophy or a sixth man of the year trophy out of Battier or Artest.  This trade will work out even better than I think I can imagine, and as Han Solo once said "I can imagine a lot"

8.  Love for Tracy McGrady, but not unconditional love. 

9.  Luis Landry to be simpler to say and understand than ScoLandry, which was unique, but came weeks after Dave and I coined Luis Landry.  It will also be one of the most efficient power forwards (combo though it may be) in the league.

10.  A Rockets championship.  I firmly believe this will happen this season

So there you have it.  Dave has already posted my Rockets preview that shows us winning 63 games this year and until we can get an import tool, all of our old posts will still be over at the old blogspot site