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Mike Harris Cut - You'll be missed Mike

The Chronicle is reporting that Mike Harris was cut by the Rockets today.  That gets the team down to 15 players on the roster. 

I feel I can speak for Dave on this as well, you will be missed Mike.  Don't get me wrong, this was the right decision for the organization.  The last thing we needed was another undersized PF.  However, you played your butt off every time you were on the court and from everything I've heard, were a model teammate.  Good luck overseas, and here's hoping you make it back to the league in the near future.

Another piece of news in that article that I found odd:

The Rockets are now at the 15-man NBA limit for the regular season, but still plan to cut one more player — Von Wafer or D.J. Strawberry — for payroll reasons.

I get payroll issues, but I strongly feel both of those guys should make the team.  Clearly they won't be playing right now, but I like both of their games and want them both to be around the team for seasoning. 

I'll go ahead and say that I want DJ Strawberry to be the pick if I had to narrow it down.