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I finally found proof!!! - Most NBA GMs really ARE idiots

Not you Daryl Morey, you are exempt. 

From the NBA GM surveys

Who is the best center in the NBA?
1. Dwight Howard -- 55.6%
2. Yao Ming -- 25.9%
3. Tim Duncan -- 18.5%

If you are an NBA GM and really think that Dwight Howard is a better center than Yao, then there is no hope for you.  You will just have to get paid a ridiculous amount of money to know absolutely nothing.    Seriously, how do some of these guys keep their jobs?  This question means that roughly 16 GMs think D-Ho is better.  It also means that a few of them are completely stupid and think Tim Duncan plays center. 

Here's my one hope, they think they'd rather have him based on age and injury history.  That is literally the only way that question could be asked and come out that way.  The problem with this?  That means that at least 16 (not even including the idiots that chose Duncan) aren't capable of passing third grade reading comprehension tests.  To the best of my knowledge, that question does not caveat it with age and injury history, it just asks "Who is the best center in the NBA?" and in that case, you sirs should lose your jobs.

Reading through the rest of it, they were tossed no brainer questions and answered them.  Though I wish I knew the guy that said Jason Kidd was the best point guard in the league, he assuredly voted for Tim Duncan in the center poll.  I also bet he voted for the Lakers as having the best home court advantage.