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Rafer: yes, I'm giving you a chance

My dislike of Rafer Alston has been well-documented for almost a year now.

His allegedly drunken and assault-prone antics have not helped his cause.

That said -- with my giddiness for the 2009 Regular Season to start, I am going to state right here that I am willing to wipe the slate clean and give Rafer a chance to redeem himself as a basketball player. Accordingly, I will promise to try to abide by the following:

1. I will not loudly announce that "Rafer Alston sucks" or any variation thereof;
2. I will attempt to refrain from any reference to Alston as a "weak-link" in the Rockets lineup;
3. I will cheer for Rafer when attending any and all Rockets games;
4. I will not yell out "nooooo!" when Rafer shoots from behind the 3 point line; and
5. I will make every attempt to be fair to Rafer in all commentary on this site.

Now, if Rafer starts out this season like he did last year (shooting 30% and making mind-boggling turnovers at inopportune times), I hereby reserve the right to return to all proclaimations that Rafer Alston sucks. Though maybe, just maybe, the proverbial light has turned on in his head and he has learned how to be a productive and efficient point guard in the NBA. I'm rooting for just that scenario this year.



(and Rafer!)!!!