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Luther Head - It's called "An Opportunity"

Jerome Solomon, in continuing with his role as the guy I like the most at the Chronicle, wrote a great article about Luther Head today.  I don't know if I buy into the whole premise that he's back, but I hope that he is.  Otherwise it's another year of wasted money. 

My biggest problem with the article is Head's admission that he couldn't hack it under pressure.  Saying:

“You get in for a couple of minutes, and it’s like: ‘Do something or you’re out.’ That’s a tough way to play,”

Luther, just FYI, that's called "An Opportunity" and you blew it.  Consider yourself lucky that you get another chance and $1.9 MM to "Do something or you're out".  I have no sympathy for you and your set for life salary just because you had a "tough way to play".  Suck it up, man up and do what you are capable of.  In case you forgot that is move well without the ball and shoot the three.