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A little housekeeping

A lot of times Dave and I won't post about the most obvious things, but I'm going to try to be better about that.  Here is my first effort:

Von Wafer makes the team: I should have already posted about Von Wafer making the team over DJ Strawberry.  Personally, I wanted the Straw man, but I have no problem with Wafer.  He's a solid player and I hope he actually makes it to the court this year.  Chronicle Article

Aaron Brooks out 1-3 weeks:  Brooks will be out with a bone bruise on his right ankle.  This is the opposite of good news.  I have no idea who will run the second team point.  Head?  His handles are among the worst guards in the league.  Wafer?  I haven't seen enough of his handles to be sure.  McGrady?  When will he rest if he does this?  Barry?  He's old and is meant to be a spot up SG for us.  I can't see that one as much.  Stevie Franchise?  Is he healthy at all?  The lack of preseason play says no. 

Battier still out: Shane is still trying to work his left foot back into playing condition.  I don't exactly know how you do that.  I was under the impression that feet healed by staying off of them.  I guess there are levels of activity that strengthen the foot since, if I remember my anatomy classes right has around 33 muscles in it.  Either way, Shane is still out for a while. Chronicle Article